Monday, April 30, 2018

two on a two-point-two

Verses speak more profoundly than narratives, anyday.
No prizes for guessing, hence, why musings straight from the succulent trench of the heart, rhyme.
And this rhythm of words, however pathetic or incoherent with the scheme of things, are elixir enough to infuse heroic vibes in the palest of things.

One super awesome example, or rather a peculiar object of interest, are the severely utilized and much adored, roads of our campus!

No gallant rhymester, albeit a chronic frequenter of these beheld paths, ever chanced to tread on this route requiring immense sweat and ink; but I, a veteran of these mingled chains of tar, armed with symphony and my wingy's guitar, cruise off to rediscover alluring waters.

Let's call it two-on-a-2.2 ftw! <3

Rules of the trail:
Walk slowly; talk surely!
Trips appreciated; for Hawaii or Bahamas, not on the stumbly road please!
Snakes Snacks allowed.
Please save all pretentiousness for the next upcoming Marvel prod, whenever it is... Saves breath, legit fact!

It's been close to 6 years since I last conversed in verses. Refinements, not reprimands, from prosodists welcomed!!
Basically, gustaakhi maaf ho!

Without further ado, let's get walking...


Beneath the emerald canopies, I've lived those pleasant walks (Refrain 1)
Walking like a sage, hailing a fabled and glorified era, I live.. (B)
Breathed meaningful silences, prolonged enchanting talks (Refrain 2)

Those roads lead to places, no different from the majestic Machu in pride. (A)
All those tempo shouts, jolly and sullen cries; ah, the Verismo in contrive.. (B)
Beneath their emerald canopies, I've lived those pleasant walks (Refrain 1)

The boulevard full of worthy hummingbirds, and busy squirrels running to hide.. (A)
Such uncanny resemblence to the walkers beneath; nature's definitely not naive. (B)
I've breathed such meaningful silences, prolonged enchanting talks (Refrain 2)

I've often stepped on these paths outright, without a destination in mind.. (A)
But these discerning paths, always a watchful companion, steered my strive (B) 
Beneath the emerald canopies, I've lived many a pleasant walks (Refrain 1)

I love a thing about paths, or a two; you are seldom away from one, worldwide (A)
The same characteristics they all share. Reminding you aren't far from your hive! (B)
Such meaningful silences, prolonged enchanting talks (Refrain 2) 

I wish I could personify these genial confidants who've known me far and wide. (A)
And revivify all those moments; sweet distant memories now, too deep to dive (B)
But beneath the emerald canopies, I've already lived those pleasant walks (Refrain 1)
Breathed meaningful silences, prolonged enchanting talks! (Refrain 2)

Dedicated to the awesome Batch of 2018 ❤️, and also for the "technical" Batch of 2019! :P
Hope to find more 2.2s in the further journey! This bond is special!!


Thursday, September 14, 2017

My Weird Superlatives

Superlatives are fun!
But what's more exciting is those superlatives wrapped in a batter of whakyness and persona!

So, here's a list of some of my "weird" (definitions may differ) superlatives! :P

Grab a cola and enjoy! :)

Favorite Spicy Evening Snack - Dabeli 
The Indori delight! 
For a fact, India and Dabeli share a very beautiful secret... Both have a really sweet & spicy-ish centre that is filled with elements of crispiness and tanginess! Generalizing, but true! :) 
Psst.. I got half the taste-buds from my mom remember.

Favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S. character - Ross
Hai toh hai! Kya kar le...

Favorite Dish In KGP (International Brands not allowed :P) - Amul's (behind Tikka) Paratha
Some light in the dark! Aaloo paratha is Godly! Thanks Kushagra for introducing me to that heaven! Really awesome especially during rains (Kyuki that's the only time jab bheed nahi hoti lol :P).

Favorite Unconventional TV Series - Formula 1
Filled with everything you can imagine!
Top-nitch Engineering, Splendid Speed, Erratic Emotions, Deliberate Drama, Long-lasting Love, Spewing Selfishness and Hatred AND ofcourse, Ultimate Victory!!
Someone wants to start and get some references, call me!

Favorite Actress For-Looks - Gal Gadot
If I were to be a WonderMan, I'll be for her!
If I were to be a poet, I'll be for her!
If I were to be an engineer, I'll be for her!
And if I were to be a man... Wait! Kuch zyada obvious nahi ho gaya :P

Favorite Chaat - Paani Batashe 
Mumbaikars have Pani Puri, though it is not as pure!!
Delhiites' Gol Gappe, are always a bit sour!
Now there's this Puchka, the name's shit that's a fact,
Try Paani ke Batashe, coz they're just so PERFECT!!

Favorite Stand Up Comedian - Kenny
Kenny is cool. Be like Kenny. 
Although Zakir, Biswa, Abhishek Upamanyu, Vipul, Abish, Kanan, Atul Khatri, Raju bhai and Rohan, are also right up there, Kenny is a class apart! Awesome man!!
Waise, did I mention Pramod Dubey and Deepak Sharma??.. Nahi? Chhodo.. Jinko pata hai, unko pata hai!! ;)

Favorite Summer Vegetable - Torai 
This was a gimmick administered to me by "some" advertizing agencies, I act for. The idea was to give a name no one is acquainted with, with an aim to increase hits on search engines. Also, after an extensive independent study, the engine Ding was found to reveal 20% better search results over "other" engines.
So, that.. and I expect a check soon! :)

Favorite Pet On-Air - 'Hum Aapke Hai Kaun' wala kutta
In the likes of Scooby Doo, Winnie (Oswald's bitch), Spike (Tom and Jerry phirse dekho bc) and Courage-the-cowardly-dog, I think I made my decision quite obvious! 
One of the best dogs I've seen in life! 
Doubles up as an umpire and security guard for my sweet box!! :)     #paiseBachGaye
Psst.. Kisiko naam yaad aaye toh batana. Kutta is just so linguistically "middle-class"! :P

Favorite Professor in IIT Kharagpur (Not from CS) -  Koeli Ghoshal Ma'am
She gave me a lower grade, coz maybe I deserved it!
She gave me 2-3 scoldings, coz maybe I deserved it!
She gave me reason to attend 8 am lectures, I deserved it!
She gave me the definition of a perfect teacher, coz fucking yeah, I deserved it!!
#butteringChampionSinceJuniorSchool  (Tagging Shreshth Khare, for no good reason)

Favorite Classroom in KGP - R 120 (Dept of CSE, Building 1)
Just after my introductory seminar, we had a professor-student interaction meeting here!
First class I saw in KGP... A living example of my belief in "Love at first sight" :D
Mast room hai! AC chalta hai! Aur kya chahiye!!

Favorite Round Sweet - Boondi ka Laddu + Chena (Sponge Rosogulla)
"Mirror Mirror on the wall,
What's in the world is sweeter than love!
The mirror instantly reciprocated a pic,
A pic of Agarwal Sweets' sweet trove!" 
#racist #generalist OOPS.. Wait!!

Favorite Street in KGP - The stretch of road from Gate No 5 to Tikka
Well! I've slept there. Full stop.

Favorite Senior in KGP (Graduated) - Sanyam bhaiya
I think Aseem, Srinath, Bujazz, Arpit, Prabhat, Ishan bhaiya, Vatsalya, Akshay or Shrey could have been up there for different reasons! But, Sanyam it is and I still remember all the Funda he bestowed on that Chowk in front of Tikka!
Iss Spring Fest, I'll definitely make him proud! Vaishal tu bhi kar kuch kuch saale... :P

Favorite Person in Campus - Bhavnaon mei behkar, kalesh thodi karaoonga.. Graduate hone do :P
Wait for it!

Favorite Cream Biscuit - Jim Jam
Life should be like Jim Jam.. Normal outside, but really crazy fun in the middle!! :D

Favorite Compulsory Course taken - Discrete Structures
Reason 1 : Usme EX laga tha! :P
Reason 2 : No one gives a shit ab... :P
Waise, its the perfect course for Maths and Logic lovers with a hint of CS. <3
Algorithms 1 was also a gem, alongside Switching Circuits and Logic Design, Operating Systems, DBMS (for its assignments), Software Engineering and Image Processing!

Favorite Hall (other than MS) - RP
As if its a secret. I spend an equivalent time in MS and RP (or maybe more at RP). Well achhe khane ke alawa achhe log bhi hai... :)    #node++

Favorite Sport I can play - Pool
Had tons of options (Yayy!), but most others require too much franchise in terms of play partners and fucking rules. 
Who needs anything else, when you can literally sleep on the Pool table somewhere during your 10 hour playing streak! I have done that, yes! :P

Favorite Team in FIFA 17 - Manchester United
Although I hate United in real life, I think the Ibra factor makes United attack one of the best in the lot! Pogba, Mata and Mkhitaryan in the midfield! Woah!! 
But ofcourse in real life, I'm a Barca, Juventus, Bayern and Arsenal [Arsenal again 4th, "zamaane ki saazish? ya sochi samjhi chaal!!??" Think for yourselves...] fan in their respective leagues!! :)

Favorite Face-to-Face Online Chatting PF -
Appear is ideal for quick and hassle-free chatting. Gaming mei toh alag hi fun hota hai!
There's also Skype, Hangouts, Duo etc, which are somewhat closeby.
Skype is better when: 1) Net is really nice. 2) The other guy (or girl) has it.
Also, I don't get paid for Microsoft promotions, it just happens naturally!

Favorite Train - Kalinga Utkal Express
Waise the ideal answer would've been "Jo bhi Jhansi jaati ho :P"
But the sheer memories already created in this train are immense in both magnitude and emotions.
Oh God! I'm gonna miss these 28 hours in this slow-moving, extremely grateful (har fucking station rukti hai) and awful food train. 
Psst.. Tedha hai, par mera hai!! :D
Psst again.. I use this train to commute from Jhansi to Kharagpur. #onlyFeasibleOption #feasibleDebatable

Favorite Sherlock Holmes Story - The Hound of the Baskervilles
Having read all SH novels and short stories, I think this stands out as the best!
Sir Arthur's writing has really matured par human skills during this time and he penned down a marvel in ink and paper! 
Had there been a Taj Mahal in prose, this is it! Do read, even if already!!

Favorite Midnight Snack in KGP - Cheese Burst during CodeFunDo
The second best thing Microsoft did to me. 
Those midnight treats were something really special and awesome!!

Favorite Place in Central Library - The sofa on the left after taking the flight of stairs from the newspaper room.. Samjh chuke ho yaar, come on!
To the extent that if I go the library, I come "here" first and then decide where I wanted to go!

******* MORE TO COME *******

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Trip Planning - What not to do!!

Life in engineering colleges is difficult. Period. 
It amazes me, though, for how conveniently we can actually append "period" to something shitty to make it sound epic... Example, lectures. :P 
But understanding the fact that I come from a fraternity of outliers, who only let verified stuff permeate their Neanderthal brain, here's the proof:

Disclaimer : Ladies and gentlemen, this rhymes with Mambo No 5 (Reference)

*inserts backtrack in the head*
A little bit of classes, all the time
A little bit of assignments, on the side
A little bit of exercise, is what I need
A little ray of hope is what I seek!
A little bit of gaming, that's for fun.
A little bit of bhaat which turns out long.......
A little bit to care for placements, fam
Little by little, it makes me a man! Aawwwhh!!
*back to read mode*

Look what it does to a plain, simple guy, no shit!
I know I deserve something in the league of GPL for putting it up online, but that's my state of mind, just right there!!
And btw, you know shit has gone berserk, when even Darth Vader, of all people, notices the dark spot on the moon.
"I find your lack of faith disturbing."

With that, I think I backed my point enough. Life is difficult and you know it!

So now that being established, I also feel it my immediate need to reconcile with the fact that life in engineering colleges is not everything about gloom and dust.

Not many people know, IITs also have a quota for moments of peace, love and ecstacy.

But the thing is : " Life here is like a Salman Khan movie; you have impulses of peace, love and ecstacy, but crap is neither subtle nor scarce... "

Before I start getting bombarded by some Bhai-fans, (BTW, I'm just about surviving with my fb wall flooded with some (being subtle af) VP candidate fans. That, and I just choose to write #JK4VP for absolutely no reason..) I think we should move on.

Allow me to share my experiences on another really mentally-exterminating, easy-peezy and professional-beyond-quantification way to piss anyone off!
*trumpets in bg* Planning a trip...

To all people who believe trip-planning is all about time, money and information,
BAAMMM! here's a setback. There's another. It's called Chemical X.

This Chemical X has some really interesting properties.

Maggu       + Chemical X   =  Yeh trip kya hota hai!
Tests       + Chemical X   =  That guy's crazy, isn't he?? 

Assignments + Chemical X   =  LOL! Trip!!
Classes     + Chemical X   =  You know this might just be possible..
Bandi       + Chemical X   =  You know what, I'll bring a DSLR along! I'm totally wanderlust!!

" So, now you know that more IITians make it to Google, than to a road trip 20 km away!! "

Beaming back to our reality, me and my friends were in a situation.
We had plans and dreams, just like every fresher in college, and all conditions favourable for the trip.

The only thing that can hold us back, being Chemical X.


"Myth Busters" - A Comprehensive Study

Chemical X is a neuro-illogical substance which may polymorph into various forms.
Here is a case study which elucidates the various incarnations which Chemical X may take and see how it gets into action and f*cks your plan every single time...
Not for minors.

Avatar 1:

Sunday February, the 26th, 2017

The day being remarkable for 2 reasons.
  1.  My awesomely less-painful GPL. All thanks to the absence of Chhotu, my buoy!! :D
  2.  A well-instagrammed and largely-secretive RP beach trip.
RP, to create context, has the largest population of my classmates and is undeniably, the cultural capital of the CSE Batch of '14. (LLR, being the academic capital though. Pani _/\_)
That trip really got us going.
The MS CSE people, being one of the most well-knit communities in the batch, felt it our foremost need to respond to this act of courage. Well, over-powering Chemical X without the Bandi catalyst was no small feat, by any standards.
So, in a hurried state of affairs, plans were drafted for a long trip.

Haste, makes waste... Snap goes the first thread of hope.


Avatar 2:

Thursday March, the 2nd, 2017

After the incredibly subtle Akki-GPL and the incredibly monstrous DBMS assignment, it was decided that the trip be one of splendour and swag.
The proposals came soon for the places that could be visited.

Krish and Akki, Gangtok.
Anu and Pate, Bhutan.
Me and Baggy, Darjeeling.

A meeting was organised for parties to present the merits and feasibility of their choice of location, which turned out to be a horrible idea as instead of having a list of pros for those our place, we had a longer list of "cons" for the other two.

At the end of the day, the groups maintained their choices, but with decreased conviction, which asymptotically went down to the limit of my trust in Trump on anything, ZERO!!


Avatar 3:

Friday March, the 3rd, 2017

Got into some real tough bog lately!??
It's not tough to figure out if there has to be Baggy somewhere in the story.

For the good part, Baggy bagged for himself a new bag and also, an internship in Belgium.

Now comes the sad side of the story.
Baggy is dark. Baggy looks like a terrorist.

So obviously, with all the recent commotion in Brussels, he really had to fight for a well-deserved work visa... (Belgium's in NATO? Well, obviously things changed Hillary-ously from November the 8th.)

Baggy was rejected the first time round. (LOL)
And his second appointment affected the itinerary gravely.

He chose to opt out. And began the Domino effect...


Avatar 4:

Sunday March, the 5th, 2017

Akki has cold now.
Garodia has cold, since 2-3 days.
I just got better. Had cold during midsems and caused enough damage already!!

You know things are not gonna turn very well on mountains with ice and shiz and temperature figures well below Delhi's city average on women safety. (Some sections of the society may call that 0 degrees)

Here's another of my free-styles,
Craving for chill??
But feeling ill?
Take your pill..
And be like Bill!!

We realize that there might be more avatars, and hence, we are happy to collaborate with all people with plans that never took-off and trips that went as far as Tunisia's Neptune Probe (Wait, what!!), 
to expand this list :P. 
Feel free (as you are) to pull, edit and push... Releasing on Github soon!

A holistic concluding remark,  (tl;dr people, redirect here...)

Trips have been made and broken for centuries.

A Greek philosopher by the name of PintOS said, "The operating system is no magic! It's just a piece of code written by someone else, whose name is generally Writwick Wraj!"

And an Indian philospher by the name of Prem Baba said, "The above statement does not relate and so does this..."

I hope that your trip of lifetime with your best Pals (and Agarwals and Jains too), doesn't get cancelled as easily.
After all it took Hritik Roshan a whole lot of Dardnaak-BandiDitching-Flashback to approve in ZNMD.
So, basically, there's hope.. :)

Breaking the monotony, here's a meme starring Baggy (Gosh! bin Laden's alive? :o That's what most people think) with Akki (learning this art of wiping tears since Sept 2016 :P).


And btw, we are going to Bakkhali this weekend. :)
If this doesn't restore your faith in humanity, you should definitely watch Barca vs PSG 6-1 :P.

Thanks guys for the incredible ventures like these. You give me enough masala and provide a selfless averagish portrait for these blog posts to be a reality...
Just joking, you are machau af! Long Live our Fraternity! :D

Thanks life, for this in my life. (More recursive than the definition of "recursion" on Google :P)

Thanks for your time, reader. (Although this is far better than what you have been doing.. Scrolling FB feed! *selectively applicable*)

Viva La Vida Amigos!! (My Spanish level be like my CG.. Rising, but by 0.01 each semester :P)

#Hashtags #but #inReality #gotNothing #toSay
#Rephrase #CustomaryHashtags :P

****END of Article****